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About Us

We are so excited to meet you and thought we'd properly introduce ourselves! College-aged at the time, Autumn and Laura started Flaunt in 2012.  Flaunt has now grown to a team of more than 12 women, we have been helping women with champagne taste on a beer budget get #StyledByFlaunt.

Flaunt is a social-media based boutique where it's as easy as commenting "sold" with your size on Facebook and Instagram.  Yes, you read that right-- IT'S THAT EASY! Good news is, you're already registered, so when you see something you love, just comment "sold" with your size and color, if applicable. The fit, color, and sizing details are always in the description <3 Once you comment, an invoice will be sent directly to your inbox with check out instructions. Make sure to hurry, you only have 6 hours to pay for an item before it falls into someone else's hands.

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, all items also go live to our website (here!) and our iOS/Android Apps, which is the #1 preferred way to shop with us because you can filter by style, size, and sale items!

In addition to our affordable pricing, shipping is {ALWAYS FREE} at Flaunt and you can take advantage of our free return shipping as well. More info on that later when you receive your first order.